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Lilia/りりあ is notable for her cute and bouncy dance style, along with her cheerful smiles and twin tails.

YouTube: lilymouse0211
Facebook: りりありりあにゃん-Official-818742724836396/
Twitter: @lilia_lilymouse



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MechaPen is a dance crew started by a group of friends. Their performances incorporate their different styles and a hint of their personalities. They always aim to have a fun time on stage, hoping to inspire everyone who wants to dance! Catch Them at EOY and have a great time with them!

Facebook: MechaPenOffical
Instagram: @MechaPenOfficial


Natsuiro Party

Idol Group










A performing unit of five girls with uniquely vibrant personalities, Natsuiro Party is an idol cover group that aspires to bring the Japanese idol experience to sunny Singapore. Since their debut in 2016, MoMo, Michi, Miki, Kamiya and Hikari have continually surprised the audience through their wide repertoire of performances. Natsuiro Party hopes to spread energy and zest to fans of Japanese culture through sing and dance. Enjoy the colours of summer with them!

Youtube: /channel/UCdm0JF9o3AF3iLjct-rtk_Q




Dance Group










Nyaneko is a group of 7 nekos who simply love cats, cute things and they love to dance for fun! They hope to bring joy to everyone and thank you for supporting!

Facebook : nyanekoSG


Tokimei Jump

Dance Group










Tokimeki JUMP is a 4-girl Japanese-pop (J-pop) performance group from Singapore. The group debuted at a popular local Japanese culture convention, Anime Festival Asia, in November 2016 and has since guested and performed at several major events including EOY J-culture Festival The group started off as a J-pop dance cover group, covering dances from Japanese video content platform, Nico Nico Douga. Tokimeki JUMP has since explored different performance types, such as singing and dancing to Japanese idol songs and creating cover music videos.

Facebook: TokimekiJUMP
Instagram: @TokimekiJUMP
YouTube: TokimekiJUMP

















Wata/わた is famous for her bubbly and energetic dance style. She first attended EOY in 2013 and this will be her second time in Singapore.

Twitter: @wata0w0
Insta: wata0w0
Nico: mylist/21343299