Doki Doki Hearts Cafe


Okaerinasaimase! Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama!

Doki Doki Hearts Cafe is a cosplay-themed cafe, a concept that is extremely popular in Japan. The staff serve meals to customers while staying in character of whoever they’re cosplaying. Cafe guests are in for a sweet treat of delicious cakes, ice cream and refreshing drinks, “power-up” chants by the staff (female characters only), play a game with the staff, and get their photo taken with their favourite cafe staff! “Doki doki” is a Japanese onomatopoeia to symbolise a rapidly beating heart. We’re sure that our kakkoii and moe staff will make your hearts go “doki doki“!



Day 1: Magical Theme

toshiro matcha hikari yumiki ringo midori

Day 2

hikari2 matcha2 yumiki2 ringo2 toshiro2 midori2

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To create an authentic theme café experience for our customers, we based the mechanics off our personal experience at @home Café, top meido café in Akihabara, Tokyo.

1) When you come to our entrance, the cafe staff will greet you and lead you to the counter. You will be asked to placed your order and make payment before being seated. Only cash is accepted.

2) The staff who greeted you will be your personal server for the day and will lead you to be seated.

3) Your order will be brought to you after you’re seated. If the staff who served you is a female character, you get power-ups together with your food items! You do not get to choose your server, but you get to choose the staff whom you wish to play games and take photo with.

4) Every set order comes with a game and a photo with the cafe staff.  You may be invited to play the game and take the photo in the middle of your meal. It may sound strange that your meal is being interrupted, but in Japanese maid cafes, this is the norm, and the interaction makes your meal more fun!

5) After you have finished your meal, game and photo, the cafe staff will see you off.

The cafe operates from 11 am to 6pm, both days.



To make the café experience pleasant for everyone, please abide by these rules at the café:

1) No physical contact with cafe staff. For specific requests, please ask staff for consent
2) Do not ask cafe staff for personal contact and info
3) No personal photography allowed in cafe premises
4) Approach the staff if you wish to have pictures taken with any of them
5) Do not bring outside food and drinks into the premises
6) Strictly no smoking at all times
7) Troublemakers will be asked to leave

We’re looking forward to meet you at Doki Doki Hearts Cafe~!