Handy Guide to EOY 2017

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Here’s everything you need to know to get the best experience out of EOY J-Culture Festival, all in one handy page!

Festival info:

Venue: Marina Barrage
Date: 9 December (Saturday) and 10 December 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 10am to 7pm, both days, applies to all attractions and exhibitors unless otherwise stated.

Festival Highlights:

1) Lilia & Wata from Japan


Lilia and Wata are two cheerful and adorable odorites (dancers) who became online sensations for their energetic and uplifting dance performances. Just for EOY, both of them have come together to create a special set list. Don’t miss their performances at 4pm on Saturday and 3.45pm on Sunday! Meet & Greet and cheki sessions follow closely after at the stage area.

2) Local Performances

Enjoy almost non-stop stage action from afternoon to evening on both days. Our stage performances consist of J-pop, anime theme songs, dances and musical performances, all of which have been carefully auditioned across a time span of 2 days! Featured artistes include MechaPen, Natsuiro Party, Nyaneko and Tokimeki Jump. If you can find their performance time slots here.

mechapen natsuiroparty

nyaneko tokimekijump

3) Touran Host Club


SG Touken Ranbu Host Club, a cosplay cafe with a twist! Do visit and be served by their handsome and cute Danshis! Cafe hours are as follows:

9 December:  Lunch Time 11 am to 2 pm
Host Sessions: 2pm to 6.30pm

10 December: Host Sessions: 2pm to 6.30pm

4) Lolita Fashion Runway


Lolita Fashion is a unique subculture in Japan known for being extravagant, elegant, cute and quirky all at once! Check out the stage at 3:45 PM on Saturday to enjoy a real visual fest!

5) Nerf Games

Get your Nerf tag fix with games organized by NerfSG, Singapore’s premier Nerf community. Take part in Team Versus shootouts with your friends; the side that scores the most points in 5 minutes wins. Games are $2 per player. Darts and blasters provided.

6) Artist Alley & Merchandise Booths

Check out the wide array of artist/doujin booths selling self-printed books and goods that feature original and fan artworks, merchandise booths selling anime goods, cosplay items, japanese fashion items and more. The booth layout can be found on this page.

7) Food, glorious food

Aside from Touran Host Club, there are stores where you can enjoy a full meal, Japanese snacks and drinks.

8) Photo stops

3 itasha and 4 itansha, cars and bikes decorated with images of anime characters, will be placed around the event venue. Feel free to take pictures of / with them!

Important reminders:

Over-revealing cosplay is strongly discouraged.

This means outfits that are transparent, revealing and/or scanty. These are requirements put forth by the Singapore Police and MDA event licensing, pertaining to our license to hold the event. This applies to all event attendees, cosplayers or not.

Please use skin-colour bodysuits, tights and the likes to protect your modesty where necessary. Don’t let your fun be ruined by a police encounter or confrontation by an offended member of the public!

On a related note, do not carry replica Weapon/Guns openly outside the event grounds as that will create panic/alarm.

Don’t engage stalkers/harassers

If you are being harrassed, walk away. Do not stoop to the level of stalkers/harassers. It only encourages them. Do not engage them physically or verbally, it will escalate matters and you may get hurt.

If the harasser persists or attempts to assault you, approach any of the event staff or security crew stationed at the event for help. We take the safety of our event guests seriously and will not hesitate to turn offenders over to the police.

Please look out for one another and help each other out!

Be considerate

Keep the place clean for your fellow event guests and members of the public. Dispose of litter in the bins. Do not dirty the toilets. There are limited toilets, so please do not hog the toilets for longer than necessary.

Other Tips to improve your event experience

Drink lots of water

Bring bottled water to keep yourself hydrated. There are water coolers at Marina Barrage where you can refill water. And there are stores that sell canned and bottled drinks.

Deposit your heavy baggage at the Baggage Area

As the baggage area will be shared by many people, bring as little as possible so that everyone gets space, and keep all valuables on you.

Protect yourself from the elements of nature

Rain or shine, the show goes on. All our attractions are in sheltered areas. Bring an umbrella or raincoat/poncho to stay dry, and an uchiwa (cardboard fan) or mini electric fan if the heat bothers you.

Bring cash

Because you’ll regret it so bad if you have no money on you and you see all the nice things that are for sale. There’s no nearby atm, and most of the booths and attractions only accept cash. So make sure you bring lots of it, with small change if possible.

Don’t be lost sheep

Directions to Marina Barrage can be found on this page.

Bring your coscards and name cards

EOY J-Culture Festival is a time to make friends! Do exchange cos cards with other cosplayers, your fellow fanboys/fangirls and photographers!

Bring your camera

Who doesn’t bring a camera to a cosplay event? No, seriously, the place will be flooded with great photo opportunities, so do yourselves a favour, take some pics for the memories and go crazy on social media.

Have fun and party up at EOY J-Culture Festival 2017!