EOY J-Culture Festival 2017 :: Open Call for Content Producers / Event Organizers

If you are an event organizer or producer for Japanese content, we invite you to participate as one of our content producers at EOY 2017. Last year, we had a Pokemon Tournament at EOY, which had a great pick up rate. Over the past years, we also had Itasha’s / Itansha’s displayed at our festival.

Our dream is that, instead of a fragmentation of small events that struggle with high venue prices and traffic, EOY will host a myriad of micro/mini events within our festival. This will give producers a venue space to present their activities, which then enable visitors to have an even greater experience with their friends.

Examples of relevant content may include, but not limited to:

  • Pop up cafes
  • Carnival / Natsu Matsuri type games
  • Special guests (apart from odorites)
  • Nerf gun obstacle courses

Proposals will be evaluated based on the team members’ profiles, previous experiences in handling similar events, budgeting and suitability of content.

We also welcome non-Japanese content too, as long as there is synergy. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an informal meeting to see if we can fuse your event/content together during EOY J-Culture Festival from 9-10 December 2017.

Historically, we do not give monetary funding, instead we may give you support in venue space, logistics, electricity, manpower, crowd and the like. Event partners and content producers will be credited accordingly to ensure that everyone’s branding grows together.

Interested applicants, please write to Tim (tim@theeoy.com) with the following information:

  • Team leader & members’ profiles
  • Proposed content to be showcased during EOY J-Culture Festival 2017
  • Pictures, summary and budget sheet of previously organized events

Please note that the open call will be closed on Sat, 14 Oct 2017.

I run EOY year after year because it has brought so much joy and meaning in my life. Over the years, through the running of it, I learned many things and built countless deep, meaningful friendships. I lost money in some years, a couple of friends in another, but they are minuscule when compared to what I have gained.

Change the world. Be part of something big.

Producer, 2009-2017
P.S. Remember to write to us. ^^

One thought on “EOY J-Culture Festival 2017 :: Open Call for Content Producers / Event Organizers

  1. Hello Tim, I am Kerina from Kori King and we are interested to participate in your event! We are the pioneer of one of the most ancestral Japanese shaved ice in the world. All our products are made with high quality products imported from Japan with no additives, colorant or chemical flavors. Kori King offers a large range of natural flavours of Kakigori on top of one of the most traditional Japanese pastry called Dorayaki. We would love to find out more about the booth such as the dimension, price, as well as merchant listing too. Thank you & hope to hear from you soon!! Do check out our website and instagram @korikingsg too!

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