A Handy Guide to EOY 2016


About: Catch anime characters and comic superheroes come to life, bringing colour and laughter to the serene and scenic grounds at the Marina Barrage! EOY Cosplay Festival is the largest free annual cosplay and youth community event in Singapore, where J-pop and anime lovers parade their passion through self-made performances, cosplay, illustrations, photography and more.


Guest artistes, Meet-and-Greets!

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We are proud to play host to utaite (vocalist) That and odorite (dancer) Miko from Japan! They are joined by home-grown artistes – A-live, a cosplay dance group, Natsuiro Party, an idol group as well as vocals Lunaria and Usagi. All of them will be doing meet-and-greets during which you can get autographs and merchandise. Timings of their performances and meet-and-greets can be found on the performance schedule.

Two days of on-going stage performances

There are more than 100 individual performers in total, and all their performances have been curated. You can be assured of quality entertainment all throughout the day! Check out the full list of performances on the performance schedule.

An authentic cosplay cafe experience at Doki Doki Hearts Cafe

toshiro hikari matcha yumiki ringo midori

Interact with and take polaroid photos with the fun and friendly cafe staff while enjoying delicious cakes, ice cream, potions (yes, potions) and games! The cafe operates from 11 am to 6pm, both days.
More information and pictures can be found here.

Shop & Eat


Three F & B stores, two ice cream/dessert stores (Kanemochi and Happy Ice), a snack store (Bon Japan), and three vendors selling official anime merchandise and kuji (Otakutachi, Toycoin and Bon Japan)! And lots of art/doujin booths in the artist alley! Locate your favourite artists here!


The Pokemon Tournament is the first major event in Asia featuring the latest Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Video Games. Attractive prizes will be won in this event and Top players will be able to earn up to 130 Championships Points from this event! Check out their facebook for registration details and further information!

Do also get your photo professionally taken for free by cosplay photography studio Luminos!

Photo stops

Itasha and itansha, cars and bikes decorated with images of anime characters, will be placed around the event venue. Feel free to take pictures of / with them!


By Car / Taxi

To get to Marina Barrage, head towards Central Boulevard whether from AYE (East Bound) into MCE (Exit 2) or ECP/KPE (Towards City) into MCE (Exit 3). Follow the road/directional signs along Central Boulevard towards Marina Gardens Drive (a right turn). Stay on Marina Gardens Drive passing by first Gardens by the Bay and Satay by the Bay on the left before reaching Marina Barrage.

Alternatively, travel from Rochor/Ophir towards ECP (West Bound) through Sheares Avenue into Central Boulevard.


By Bus

SBS Bus 400
0700hrs – 2330hrs (Frequency of 15-20 mins)

From Tanjong Pagar Station: Take bus 400 in front of International Plaza (03223)

From Marina Bay Station and Downtown Station: Take bus 400 at Marina Financial Centre (03391) along Marina Boulevard.

The above info is extracted from Marina Barrage’s official website and is correct at time of publishing.


Over-revealing clothing is strongly discouraged.

This means outfits that are transparent, revealing and/or scanty. These are requirements put forth by the Singapore Police and MDA event licensing, pertaining to our license to hold the event. This applies to all event attendees, cosplayers or not.

Don’t engage stalkers/harassers

If you are being harrassed, walk away. Do not engage them physically or verbally, it will escalate matters and you may get hurt. If the harasser persists or attempts to assault you, approach any of the event staff or security crew stationed at the event for help. We take the safety of our event guests seriously and will not hesitate to turn offenders over to the police.

Please look out for one another and help each other out!

Be considerate

Keep the place clean for your fellow event guests and members of the public. Dispose of litter in the bins. Do not dirty the toilets. There are limited toilets, so please do not hog the toilets for longer than necessary.


Drink lots of water

Bring bottled water to keep yourself hydrated. There are water coolers at Marina Barrage where you can refill water. And there are two designated drink booths where you can buy cold canned drinks.

Deposit your heavy baggage at the Baggage Area

As the baggage area will be shared by many people, bring as little as possible so that everyone gets space, and keep all valuables on you. Refer to the event map for the location of the baggage area.

Protect yourself from the elements of nature

Rain or shine, the show goes on. All our attractions are in sheltered areas. Consider bringing an uchiwa (cardboard fan) or mini electric fan if the heat bothers you.

Bring cash

Most stores, notably the doujin booths, only accept cash. So make sure you bring lots of it, with small change if possible.

Make friends

Exchange coscards, snap selfies… one of the best things about events is that your social circle on facebook always expands after that!

Have fun and party up at EOY Cosplay Festival 2016! See you there!

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